The theatre of Pirandello and the contemporary theatre

So, 24.06.18, 12:00

Jurij Alschitz (Berlin)

Moderation: Markus Herlyn (TheaterInstitut Bremen) und Marina Leue-Ruffinazzi (ISH)

Today, the life of an individual has acquired a public character, a person strives to be a character/personage. The boundaries/border between illusion and the reality of his life are blurred even more than the character/personage of Pirandello‘s plays. What does the theater do when a real person becomes a dramatic character/personage, when life itself is a representation/performance? To play or not to play? -  is the question of today‘s theatre. How and when the truth is revealed, and when it is replaced with a mask, fake, simulacrum. Pirandello always asked the theatre difficult questions, it‘s time for the theatre to ask Pirandello.“


Künstlerhaus, Maestro-Saal, Sophienstraße 2,


30159 Hannover



Marina Ruffinazzi, Markus Herlyn und Jurij Alschitz

Foto Jurij Alschitz copyright: Gil Grossi